Questions about our Beard Products


What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Beard oil is usually for men looking to give their beards a few drops of extra TLC that they deserve. Our beard oil will condition, soften and nourish your skin and beard hair whilst encouraging natural growth. It is perhaps suited for those men who like how their beard naturally falls and who do not wish to additionally style or tame their beards. 

But what about those of us who do want to give our beards TLC and styling at the same time? Well, this is where our brilliant beard balm comes into action! Beard balms should provide your beard with all of the conditioning benefits it would get from using a beard oil, but with the added advantages of being able to tame, smooth and style as well! This allows your beard to be conditioned and styled all in one! 

Why buy Bright and Beardiful's products?

All our products are completely natural and are all hand made within the UK in small batches. Whatsmore, our products contain at least 95% certified COSMOS ingredients and are all vegan friendly. We aim to keep our prices low whilst maintaining a high quality to make them affordable to you and to ensure good return business. We are sure you will love our products as much as we do!

Do you ship outside the UK

Yes, we do, we can ship all over, however there may be additional shipping costs. By entering your address at checkout it should provide you with the correct postage details. Please contact us if you require further information. 

Do you plan to release more products?

Yes, we do, we plan to expand our product range in due course, but for the time being we plan to focus on what we do best and that is our beard product range. Look out for the upcoming new products that are currently being developed and perfected.

I notice your beard products are labelled as 'organic and vegan' but do not have any accreditation?

Yes, rest assured all our products contain at least 95% COSMOS certified organic ingredients as well as all ingredients being vegan friendly and from non animal derived origins. We haven't obtained the COSMOS and Vegan certifications for our final products just yet. We plan to do this in the near future, but currently we are focussing on making the products to the highest quality we can. Until then, this is why you will not see the Organic or Vegan symbols on our website. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. 


If you have any other queries then please do not hesitate to contact us





Darren was working full time as a Research and Development Manager at a manufacturing company and Lauren works in the Education sector. We have both always been interested in candles and products that are cruelty free so decided to share our passion and create The Bright Collection.


Our products are all completely handcrafted with love and care. They are all made by Darren himself and after hours of research and development we have perfected our range of scented candles. We use only the finest raw materials to ensure a high quality end product. Our candles are all hand made, packed and processed from our garden studio in Herefordshire. 


We aim to offer a strong and positive alternative in the home fragrance market offering luxury scented candles and wax melts. These are made from a Coconut and rapeseed wax blend to ensure a clean environmentally friendly burn. Our wax products are all handmade, Vegan friendly, cruelty and paraben free. 


We hope you love them as much as we do!


Lauren & Darren x