Essential Beard Care Products to Create a Beardiful Beard

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 11th Feb 2020

Essential Products to Create a Beardiful Beard

A Beard is one of the most treasured features of a man’s body. Not only has the beard been revered since the olden times, but most people would also often see the beard as a sign of importance. There were many that also viewed beards as a sign of great wisdom.

If you are looking to grow the perfect beard, and then taking care of it, here are some essential products that you should know about:

A comb

A beard comb is one of the best companions a man can have. This is because a comb is more like a weapon. It can protect your facial hair from fleeces and can help get rid of any extra enemies that are trying to hide in your beautiful hair.

There are many kinds of combs available for your hair: if you have a big beard, we would recommend getting a brush. There are different types of combs for different facial hair types too.
Brushes and combs are cheap and can be found at most cosmetic stores.


Yes. Sleep is the most essential medicine for any part of your body. And that includes your lofty beard too. Sleep is not expensive, and if you can manage your time enough, you can easily get yourself a good 8 hours a night. Plus, sleep can be really addictive for a lot of people.


Be sure to trim the unnecessary parts of your facial hair every now and then. Using a trimmer on a regular basis will also allow the skin beneath your hair to breathe properly, and have a sigh of relief. In fact, research indicates that people who trim their beards on a regular basis are able to grow beard at a faster rate than those that don’t.

Trimmed beard can also look much more attractive.

Beard Oil

Some people may have some issues with synthetic beard oil and we feel you might want to do a little bit more of research on this. We recommend going for an organic, vegan-friendly beard oil, possibly similar to the Bright & Beardiful’s beard oil and other beard products. Beard oil will help to moisturise the hair and skin beneath the beard, it will hydrate the hair and prevent itchiness and beard-druff. Bright and Beardiful's beard oil contains all natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients, it is handmade with love and care to ensure it is perfect for adding to your beard. We recommend trying it for sure! 

Beard Balm

A Beard Balm is pretty much the same as a beard oil, just in a more solid form. It has all the benefits of beard oil with the added property of styling your beard. It will help to tame those unruly beard hairs and keep it all in check. Bright and Beariful's beard balm comes in a variety of different fragrances, be sure to check them out. 

Moustache Wax

Moustache wax can be used to style your moustache, it is designed to give your moustache shape and style. Can you handle bar? It can also help to tame those unruly hairs and keep them all in line. Bright and Beardiful's moustache wax contains all natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients, it has been designed to hold extremely well and allow you to style your moustache as you wish.  

These are just some of the most essential products for your beard. And trust us, you should try these for yourself.