Best Beard Care Tips: Amazing Beard Products for you

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 11th Feb 2020

Beard Care

A Beard is a treasure that must be taken care of every day. A beard is not only an accessory; it is a complete package. As Uncle Ben would say, “with great power comes great responsibility”, you must also care for your beard if you have grown one.

If you do not care for your beard, no one will. Beards that are not taken care of, can look extremely unattractive, unruly and unhealthy.

Here are some tips on how to take care of the beard that you have been blessed with:

Trim your beard regularly

Just like the hair on your heard, be sure to trim your beard regularly. Get rid of the side-burns and the extra hair on your cheeks. If you properly trim your beard on a regular basis, your beard will grow properly, and you might even get rid of all those patchy areas. Trimming also helps provide direct sunlight (Vitamin D) to the skin that the beard is hiding.

Massage it

Gently massage your beard every now and then, using beard oil will help to hydrate the hair and the skin beneath. Massaging can help remove flakes from your beard, and if you use organic beard oil, the effect will be doubled. It is revealed that jojoba oil, which is present in organic beard oil, can help people who are suffering from flaky skin and can help to prevent beard-druff. We would personally recommend our Bright & Beardiful’s beard oil, or beard balm, it is organic and vegan friendly and we believe it is one of the best beard products around.  

Wash your beard

Just like how you wash your head properly when you take a bath or shower or try to look presentable, wash your beard too. Beard needs some sort of nourishment too, or it will lose it's life and it's colour. 

Maintain a healthy diet

You need to have a balanced and healthy diet if you want your beard to grow. Like we mentioned earlier, hair needs nourishment, but so does the skin that is holding these hairs in place. We would recommend that following a diet that contains at least the essential oils & vitamins on a regular basis would help you improve your beard’s health. Some hand-made beard oils also contain essential oils, and if you are in a hurry to improve your beard’s health, try applying one.

Don’t buy chemicals

Chemicals can be really bad for your skin and can cause all sorts of adverse effects. There are companies out there that will try to sell chemicals to you; chemicals that can hurt your skin, and even worse, your beautiful beard. Try to stay away from chemicals and all ingredients that your skin might be allergic to. We recommend using an organic products such as our beard oil and beard balm, they contain no chemicals and are made using totally natural ingredients.  

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is one of the fundamental elements that you will need if you want your body to grow. Of course, the beard is a part of your body too. Try to achieve at least 8 hours of sleep, and your beard will become more beautiful than ever before.

These care tips should definitely help you care the best for your skin. If you’re still concerned about anything, feel free to leave a reply or contact us.