Beard Care: Proven Tips & Tricks to Help Soften Your Beard

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 11th Feb 2020

Soften that Beard

Here are some of the best tips to help soften up your beard. No beard deserves the rough treatment. Instead, beards deserve to be approached with the greatest of care. 

Wash your beard regularly

Just like how you would wash your head’s hair, you should wash your beard regularly too. Do not just drop water on your beard, and hope that it will be washed on its own. Be thorough about your wash. A soft beard is a good beard, after all.
Try to avoid washing your beard with hard water, It will damage your hair, and make it feel rough. Use clean, soft water and your beard will definitely live to see another day.

Comb your beard

Beards are a remarkable treasure that all men can possess, but only a few harness the ability to maintain thoroughly. Gently massage your beard with a comb two to three times a day or any time that you feel a little itchy. If you have a thick beard, using a brush instead may prove to be more comfortable and effective.

Use a beard oil

Be sure to use beard oil that is organic and high in natural ingredients. Our beard oil contains Jojoba oil which replicates the oil produced by the skin, it is easily absorbed and conditions your beard brilliantly.  

Beard oils will also promote good beard growth, and help get rid of bald & flaky patches on your skin, preventing beard-druff.

Moisturising your beard with beard oil is also good practice.

Use beard balm

A beard balm is a special type of balm, that is a good alternative to beard oil. It provides all the goodness of a beard oil but beard balm also helps to style your facial hair, and also allows your hair to shine. Try our beard balm here.

Trim your beard

Trimming is one of the best ways to remove any hair from your face that is unwanted and allows you to style to your preference. It also allows the removal of split ends and trimming does not damage your beard in any way.

Not only does it help to soften your beard, but trimming also helps shape up your beard, making it look effortlessly great.

Maintain a proper diet

Be sure to drink a lot of water, and keep a balanced diet with a lot of fibre & complex carbs. Hair is made of Keratin, a protein-based compound, and with a nutritious diet, you can strengthen your follicles. This leads to a softer, and more radiant beard. Combine this with getting enough sleep and you will be able to achieve a super soft beard in no time.

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