Amazing Hacks for Growing a Beardiful Beard!

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 11th Feb 2020

Beard Growing Hacks

Beard, oh how we long for you! On a clear, sunny day, you can hear the screams of many Viking-like men who are howling for help. What do they want? Well, nothing more than a perfectly beardiful beard, of course!

If you are one of those accursed brethren, who just can’t grow a beard, no matter how much you try, fret not. Divine words have been passed onto us, on how to grow a beard fast, and we are willing to share them with you. Without further ado, let us allow all men’s grooming:

Brush your beard

Of course, everything needs to be organized. If you are having trouble trying to grow a proper beard, it might be because there is no breathing room for the skin to grow facial hair. In fact, many people who think that they are suffering from patchy beards commit this mistake. All they need to do is properly brush their beard, and voila! Everything should be fixed.

Because there are different types of beards, you might want to choose a brush that is compatible with your beard.

Massage your beard

Brushing is fine and all, but sometimes your beard also needs extra attention. Gently massage your beard every now and then, possibly whilst using a beard oil. Beard oil will moisten your hands, and allow you to gently massage your beard as much as you want. After all, a beard is a man’s treasure, and treasure should be treated with the upmost respect. Massaging your beard will stimulate growth at the hair follicles allowing you to grow that beardiful beard in no time!

Be sure to use hand-made beard oil, because your hands deserve the best hand-crafted oils.

Moisturise your beard

The most important thing for your beard is to ensure that it receives as much nutrition as possible. By properly moisturising your beard, and ensuring that your beard does not become flaky, you can easily improve the speed at which it grows.

Organic, hand-made and vegan beard oil is your best shot at moisturising your beard. It doesn't come much more nourishing than that! Bright and Beardiful’s beard oil is perfect for moisturising your beard. Even us at Bright and Beardiful, use the beard oil that we have hand-crafted ourselves. Not many companies love their products as much as we do. 

Shape and trim your beard 

Don't be afraid to trim those hairs which may be straggling or to any loose split ends to allow new growth. Also shaping your beard can be fun and help to improve your image. Using a beard balm can also help to style your beard. 

We hope these 4 hacks will help you on your divine journey to find and attain the most beautiful beard in all the land. We bid you all the best.